Responsive Websites

This theme uses a bunch of design techniques that are surprisingly easy to pull off with Site Designer. Each section consists of a parent container with background image and another container inside. The latter is transparent but becomes visible on hover. A mini navigation with thumbnail images allows for a cool scroll the different sections. 

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Coffeecup Site Designer = Awesome SITES

Each design you see below, did not require us to lift a coding finger. The creations keep getting cooler and cooler while we are discovering more and more of the hidden powers Site Designer offers. And not just for desktop audiences, these designs look awesome on any display size.

Some of our favorites? Check out Bahia or Black Forest below. Plus the portfolio theme you’re currently browsing is pretty outstanding as well.

Each template is also perfect for sparking inspiration and teaching you new tricks. We describe how we created certain design (effects) so you learn while interacting with the theme. 

All this responsive design awesomeness is included in Site Designer along with nifty zoom controls (design for large screen on a laptop), and powerful Flexbox positioning controls.

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Hang TenHang Ten
LadyBugLady Bugg
The CoastThe Coast
Oleum MareOleum Mare
Black ForestBlack Forest
Animal ShelterAnimal Shelter
Cadillac ClubCadillac Club
Visions | Live Preview
Visions  |  Live View
Matco | Live Preview
Matco  |  Live View
Hang Ten | Live Preview
Hang Ten  |  Live View
Technologic | Live Preview
Technologic |  Live View
Lady Bugg | Live Preview
Lady Bugg  |  Live View
The Coast | Live Preview
The Coast  |  Live View
Dart | Live Preview
Dart  |  Live View
Shutterbug | Live Preview
Shutterbug  |  Live View
Oleum- Mare | Live Preview
Oleum Mare  |  Live View
Bahia | Live Preview
Bahia  |  Live View
Black Forest | Live Preview
Black Forest  |  Live View
Flux | Live Preview
Flux  |  Live View
Animal Shelter | Live Preview
Animal Shelter  |  Live View
Cadillac Club | Live Preview
Cadillac Club  |  Live View
Festival | Live Preview
Festival  |  Live View